Sonya Ooten

Green Quartz & South Sea Pearl Bracelet

$ 1,295.00

Gorgeous sea-foam green faceted beads with an 18k clasp and South Sea pearl accents.
You'll want to wear this every day! 
7" total length.
Green quartz is thought to attract prosperity, success and abundance.  This clear, serene, pale green stone is also believed to stimulate one's creativity.  Green quartz is also transmutes negative energy to positive.
Pearl is one of the birthstones for June.  
Dark pearls are related to the Capricorn sun sign while lighter ones are associated with the Cancer sun sign. Pearls are believed to promote wisdom and contentment.  They symbolize faith, charity and innocence.  For centuries people used pearls to relieve negative feelings and negative energy, nervous, tension, and anxiety. This is a great gem for boosting positive feelings and elevating your mood.
Handmade in Ojai, California.