Big Love=Big Earrings=Branka Katic

Branka KaticWhile attending the premiere of HBO’s Big Love Season 5 last night, Branka Katic was seen accessorizing with stunning Sonya Ooten earrings. The XL Cosmos are hand crocheted from oxidized silver and pink pearls. This Sonya Ooten classic is available in a variety of stones, pearls, and even diamonds!

Buy XL oxidized silver cosmo with pink pearls or call 323.462.4453 for custom information!

Dominant Legs & Ghost Animal

Beckett and earmuffs

Happy Mom

I know it is a weird title for a post . . . those are the names of the bands my family and I went to hear last night at Space 15Twenty in Hollywood. . . I highly recommend dinner and live music as a family outing . . . Even though they were the youngest concert-goers and were out too late by most people’s standards  for a school night, it was worth it as live music always leaves us feeling exhilarated!
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Lux Comes to Work

Lux came to work today!

En Route to Laguna Montage! Sonya Ooten is Now available at the Montage Boutiques in Laguna and Deer Valley

I love having the girls out of school on vacation.  More time for them to inspire me with their creative fashion choices! Lux came to work and helped the girls up pack up a shipment of jewelry, caftans, blouses and pants for the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach.  Sonya Ooten is Now available at the Montage Boutiques in Laguna and Deer Valley!